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Variable blades pitch controll wind turbine

We Solar and Wind Technology International Co., Ltd is one of leading wind turbines and solar energy supplier in  China. variable blades pitch controll wind turbines are our main products, except that we also supply solar powered refrigerators and freezer to meet variaty of customers' requirement.
Till now lots of  users from many countries are using our products such as France, Jamaica, Canada, Spain, Germany, USA, Chile etc.
we care our customer a lot to give them high quality products and excellent service.
Wind turbine: we supply both gried tied and off-grid wind turbines, so no matter where you are , if it is open, windy, no obstacles around, you can use our products freely as they are maintainless products.

Solar Powered Refrigerator

Solar powered refrigerator: recently solar panels are of hot market so products related to solar power are of bright future.
We always supply Green clean energy so we also help our customer especiall those area lack home grid power or no stable home power, while they want refrigerators or freezer to keep food fresh, so choose solar powered refrigerators or freezers are wise idea, as its features are as follow:
1.Input voltage automatic recognition
2. Enviromentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant (R-134a)
3. High temperature resistance and energy saving design
4. Low power consumption makes best use of available power
5. Automatically low voltage cut out to protect batteries 
6. Using AC power through AC/DC adaptor
7. 0℃-10℃ (32℉-50℉) for refrigerator compartment
8. Max -18℃ (-0.4℉) for freezer compartment at 30℃(86℉)  Ambient temperature
92L, 118L,142L, 158L, 176L, 185L,208L solar refrigerators and 90L,188L,238L, 318L solar freezers are available to you. Interest?, please contact us.

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